Help I’m still in bed

Richard Dawkins, and Ranking the Top 10 Kinds of Rape in Order of Badness

I don’t like Dawkins at the best of times but this really takes the cake


hey if you’re new around here or even if youve been following me for a long time

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guys, problem, I’ve nearly finished the rim of my hat but it looks really really small, can I stretch it later or does it just look small because it’s on circular needles? 

(I didn’t do a gauge swatch. I probably should have done that.)


Shows I Love (6/?): Next To Normal

itsmerai asked: Dear Izzie, You have a pretty face, okay? That is all have a nice day, hope you enjoy it

Thank you friend, I’m glad you think so (Y) <3 having had a nice dinner out with le fam I am now going to watch netflix and knit my hat in bed. Hope you have a nice day or evening wherever you are. 





Follow on horseback, canker-blossom, for now we go forth to market!

- Tom o’Bedlam, King Lear

Get in the car, loser; we’re going shopping. - Regina George, Mean Girls

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The Number Game

Send me a number from 1-500 and I’ll tell you how I feel about you in a post without anyone knowing your identity.

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'I'm not a fan of feminism but I like this article' writes my fb friend as she posts an article explaining why feminism is crucial in the modern day.

Going out for my brother&#8217;s birthday tonight and feeling sexy and freee

Going out for my brother’s birthday tonight and feeling sexy and freee


This is why we NEED feminism.

#yesallwomen because I’m always on my guard coming home alone at night

#yesallwomen because I’d rather not go on a night out than have to take a taxi or walk home alone because I live in the opposite direction to all my friends

#yesallwomen because ‘text me when you get home safe’ has become a mantra

#yesallwomen because I’m tired of being afraid



SHINY NEW PROGRAMMES!! 😍 #bookofmormon

Oh gosh, I love A.J. Holmes! My inner StarKid is freaking out. I need a trip to London right now!

AJ in the West End heyoooo



SHINY NEW PROGRAMMES!! 😍 #bookofmormon

Oh gosh, I love A.J. Holmes! My inner StarKid is freaking out. I need a trip to London right now!

AJ in the West End heyoooo

Thoughts on Circular Needles





They say the pussy has the power,
well my vagina has the velocity, the viscosity,
and the vanity to make you drop to your knees.

My stretch marks are evidence
of my body’s noble effort to hold
so much sensuality,
and boldness, and grace
into 5 feet 6 inches of flesh.
It’s like trying to contain our entire galaxy
in a water bottle.

My thighs are strong enough
to kill a man,
and he’d die happy too.

My breasts are security blanket,
cup holder, wallet, food saver,
buffet, air bags, flotation device,
jewelry box, something to cry into when you’re scared,
pillow, no- fuck pillow- whole mattress,
glove compartment,
and pacifier for the whiny male all rolled into two!

My natural hair is glorious,
you could lose your fingers in its curls,
it’s bigger than your dick,
thicker than your wallet,
and it never gets greasy.

Fun fact: there is a use for calculus after graduation,
and it is to measure the curves of my legs.
The width of my hips that can birth nations.
It’s to discover the infinite possibility
and softness and beauty.
beauty beauty
of this body I was sat on a couch and taught to hate.

You know, there was a time that I was in awe
that someone would actually want to see me naked.
But now I look at myself, arcs, bounce, and rawness
and think “who the fuck wouldn’t”?

I am Venus de of-your-fucking dreams,
I am Athena, birthed from your thoughts and desire.
Always unable to leave your mind.

And like most goddesses,
I learned never to love anything
more than myself.

—Love Letter To Me, Myself, and I (via lohazepoetry)